About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Introducing Paromita Deb

A new member after a long time indeed. Here's introducing to you all - Paromita Deb. She has been among the best of friend's I can ask for and was my colleague at i-flex Bangalore, only I hardly remember the colleague bit because we had so much fun at work! We worked in the same team, on the same projects even... but never ceased to stop by and grab every chance to take part in just about every cultural/non-official activity. That gave us the feel of being back in college.

Paromita has a son, Rishi who turned two this July. She lives in Toronto with her hubby, Shivaji, and her little brat. Now, Mommy Center enters another country.... nice!!

Paromita, welcome to Mommy Center. I personally cannot wait to see more of you here!! Share with us everything you experience as a mom - whether they are answers to others queries, your own questions or just random thoughts you want to share with everyone out here.

I'm guessing you would have accepted the invite to the blog. Now all you gotta do is subscribe to Mommy Center. For this simply follow these instructions. And, for everything else that you want to know about Mommy Center read up the archives!

And here is a little something we would like you to do as a member of Mommy Center. We run a section with profiles of all our members (which you can see on the blog) so it will be easy to look up basic information about a member whenever you want. All you have to do for this is mentioned here. Make this your first post so we have you up on the Member Profiles Section!!

Happy Blogging Paromita!!

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