About Mommy Center

About Mommy Center

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Last Call!

Ladies, THIS is it!

Looks like we're all too busy to write even a single word here, let alone a post. So, if you all agree I'd just shut this whole thing down. So much for a slow death, might as well turn it off altogether!

And, it is not just all/any of you but me too who is to be blamed. Life does get hectic with growing kids. So much that even though we mean to write here, we don't! So its fine. Nothing lost!

But, if there is anyone out there who believes this blog can get back to life...write a post. NOW. This is your last chance. Else, I delete it!


  1. Deepti, don't kill it yet! We all go through busy phases with the kids I think...here's an idea. let's all upload our kids birthday party ideas/what we have done for their previous parties. We may have fun doing it and it will be nice for us all to get more ideas too :)

    Another idea...let us have everyone send in 1 thing they love and one thing that drives them nuts about being a mommy?

  2. Yea, I guess we ALL got too busy with our lil ones - all together!

    But now that we're waking up ...Pallavi sure has some great ideas to get us back in the loop! Great going, Pallavi!

    Others, cannot wait to hear from you, too.. Let's bring Mommy Center back to life!



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