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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

how to get single children to entertain themselves?

hiya ppl,

i am a regular 'visitor' of mommy-center and a great fan too :) a friend of pallavi's she introduced me to this wonderful group last year when i was expecting my first. i have a lil girl Urvi who is now 6 months old.

as she is growing older, i am a little concerned about the fact that she needs a face in front of her/ around her at all times. she is happy to play on her own with no one around - but that time is the morning time for a brief 20 mins. in the evenings, once husband returns home, she is still happy to play on her own - but only when she can see our faces. which means she is privy to our discussions. which is ok for now. but as she grows up, i am sure i wouldn't want her to be privy to ALL of it.

any tips on how to manage this.



  1. Hey Divya! First of all Congratulations on your baby. I know you joined this group and were expecting when you did. Good to see you in action out here...and your attempt to kick this dying blog back to life!

    I totally understand your concern. It is difficult to entertain single children, esp. if they are the kind who get bored easily. Has it always been you and hubby at home ever since your baby was born? Did you have someone with you, who probably was with baby all day long and has just left? If so perhaps your baby is taking time to adjust to the fact that someone is missing and so she wants to have your faces in the vicinity. That is perfectly fine at this age. You could try taking her out and meeting other mothers with kids of the same age and allow them to play...altho at this young age they really would not know to play together (It does not happen until they cross 2yrs. until then they just play beside each other not 'with'. That is called parallel play I think)

    That apart, as she grows up she herself would start wanting to be on her own and play alone. They appreciate their private time a lot more than we think. Try to get her age appropriate toys...something like stacking blocks etc. which keeps them busy for a long time. You might have to show her once and then she will be addicted to it. Does she crawl already?

    And as far as her being privy to parent talk, there is'nt too much we can do about that. We just have to make sure all we speak is stuff they can hear and participate in. Besides, that is the only way kids will learn to communicate. But again, as they grow up things change a lot. They have the whole wide world to discover...Sometimes there is so much out there that they wont even listen to us even if you are calling their name out lour and clear, like a zillion times!

    So for now, even if she wants to come to you, just be with her a few minutes and then distract her with something and go. She might be upset for a while, but that is the only way she will learn to be on her own. Still, honeslty- dont worry too much, she will outgrow this even before you know it!

  2. Dear Divya !

    Wishing you both a Happy Anniversary :)

    Umakka ...Yagnya joins me in sending hugs & kisses to Urvi.



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